EHT Power Supply

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The PowerPro™ EHT power supply from Inspire is ideal for powering most Teltron tubes, electrostatics investigations and for power to spectrum tubes. The primary output offers 0-6kV variable DC at a restricted current limit of 2mA. There is also a 50uA secondary EHT output along with a fixed 6.3V AC output for use with specific Teltron tubes.

  • Primary output: 0-6kV DC @ 2mA max.
  • Secondary output: 0-6kV with 50MOhm resistor limited at 50uA
  • Auxiliary output: 6.3V AC at 2A for use with Teltron tubes
  • Digital LED Display of primary output voltage
  • Resettable short circuit protection
  • Separate Earth option if floating voltage is not required
  • Stackable with integrated ABS handles and a detachable IEC mains cable
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: 18 months
  • Fully CE and CSA certified to BSEN61010
  • Dimensions: 37 x 26 x 13cm, 6kg