ClassVR Premium Set of 4 (including 4 controllers and charging case)

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Set of 4
ClassVR is a versatile platform using the power of Virtual and Augmented Reality for e...

The Complete VR Solution for Education

ClassVR provides all the tools you need to deliver exciting and engaging VR & AR learning experiences. Our simple classroom controls allow teachers to quickly and easily access curriculum content and manage each headset during a lesson. Not only that, all of our headsets come in ruggedised storage and charging cases to keep your headsets safe and ready to use at all times.

  • Access to the ClassVR portal for full teacher controls
  • 1000s curriculum-aligned resources and content
  • Access to teacher training and support
  • Storage and charging cases

What's Included

ClassVR Headsets come fully equipped with everything you need to get started with VR & AR in the classroom.

  • Available in sets of 4, 8 & 30
  • Storage and Charging Cases
  • Teacher Controls in the ClassVR Portal
  • Curriculum Aligned Content and Resources
  • Headset Configuration and Setup
  • Teacher Training
  • Wired hand-held controller

Use the tabs above to learn more about ClassVR, and about the two software options available: Avantis World and ClassVR Portal

Battery life:
4+ hours
Bluetooth 4.2
Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 CPU
Micro SD
Front-facing camera:
13MP Auto-focus
Mass (g):
Storage (GB):
802.11 a/b/g/n Dual Band

Avantis World is one of two software options available for ClassVR

Avantis World includes a comprehensive set of reporting and assessment tools designed specifically to save teachers’ time

As students work through the educational activities and quizzes, their progress and attainment are tracked and recorded. All from a simple-to-use web-interface, teachers can easily identify areas where students may need further support or assistance and can create additional lesson plans as appropriate.

Comprehensive Teacher Dashboard

Find everything you need in one simple to use webpage. From the main teacher dashboard you can access a range of information, including how many student ‘park tickets’ you have available, who is currently enrolled in your class, a summary of student progress through the park and links to more detailed reporting and information on park progression for each individual student. With simple, logical tables, teachers can dive into any aspect of the assessment activities and view individual student results or have a wider view of their class’ progress. You can also manage your account from the dashboard and even invite other teachers to your school or class.
Management of remote learning students
Managing School Students
Get up and running quickly with a simple and easy to use student management interface

Add and remove students individually, or bulk upload them from a file. Students can be added to the system with or without email addresses and teachers can easily create simple logins for younger students. Students moving classes? No problem, it’s easy to move students between teachers in a safe and secure manner.
Powerful Progress & Attainment Reporting

To ensure your students are on track and getting the most out of every lesson, Avantis World monitors student progress throughout each learning zone and scene, giving visibility of this progress to both student and teacher alike.

Comprehensive teacher reporting provides a view of individual student progress, including scores on quizzes, time spent on questions and the ability to review and grade submitted files and long form answers, such as essays. Additionally, whole class progress can be monitored through each land, displaying how far each student in the class has progressed through the land itself. Submitted quizzes, essays or other set activities can be exported for 3rd party assessment tracking tools, simplifying the process of assessment and delivering meaningful assessment data.
Assessment of home learning students 

Deliver lessons your way

Supporting multiple teaching methodologies, Avantis World offers a variety of ways for teachers and students to engage and explore the virtual reality theme park. Different ‘modes’ allow teachers to define how to deliver the experience, and how students themselves experience it.

Experience Avantis World alone or in groups

With our collaborative technology, each student can either visit Avantis World in a secure, individual session, or can join a group session with their peers. ‘Solo’ or ‘Shared’ sessions are available:

Solo Students can explore learning scenes or zones independently, giving them freedom to question, discover and explore at their own, uninterrupted pace.Shared Peer learning facilitates a more engaging experience, and in shared mode, students can explore scenes together, allowing for collaboration and communication as they immerse themselves in each educational scene.

Independent or directed learning

It’s great to be able to explore and investigate the amazing variety of content within Avantis World, however sometimes we want to focus a students attention. ‘Explorable’ and ‘Guided’ modes support this.

Explorable In explorable mode, students can roam and navigate their way through the whole of Avantis World either alone, with a classmate or in a group.Guided From a teacher-controlled environment, students can explore selected scenes all whilst being directed and guided through the experience by the teacher, helping to minimise distractions, focus learning and maximise knowledge retention.

Any device, Any time

Not everyone has access to virtual reality headsets, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to benefit from VR. Avantis World is a multi-platform product that helps bring virtual reality to any device, anywhere. Whether you are utilising a ClassVR headset, a laptop, tablet or even a mobile phone, Avantis World can be explored!

Avantis World combines virtual reality and online resources in a comprehensive web-based learning portal, allowing students to not only utilise this technology in the classroom, but also at home in remote learning situations.

The Avantis World software option comes with a plethora of VR scenes for learners to explore

Sample VR lessons

Cretaceous period

Mars Curiosity Rover


The following content is only available with the Avantis World software option.

Curriculum-aligned Virtual Reality Content & Resources

ClassVR Portal is one of two software options available for ClassVR. ClassVR portal comes complete with a huge range of pedagogically sound, engaging content along with structured lesson plans to help spark the imagination of students, leaving them with memories and experiences that help visualise and understand even the most complex of educational subjects.

There are currently over 1000 pre-made activities, instantly accessible and covering a huge range of topics and curriculum subject areas, with teachers able to add their own resources, such as 360 degree photos and videos, and build their own engaging lesson plans.

Lesson planning

The ClassVR portal provides an easy way to find great, curriculum aligned educational VR resources. Search by subject, topic or even a keyword, and find ready made collections, or individual resources to build your own lesson. You can even upload and store your own VR content, such as 360 degree images and videos, with just a few clicks.

Finding VR Curriculum Resources


With a simple search function and pre-made collections, it’s easy to find VR and AR resources for your lesson. There are over 500 resources currently available, with more being added each week.

Search for resources by subject, topic or even by keyword. Browse through our extensive collection of curriculum aligned resources and custom lesson plans to find ready made ideas and worksheets to help engage your students.

Managing & Sharing VR Activity Lists


Using our intuitive drag and drop functionality, you can easily create custom resource ‘playlists’ within seconds, ready for you to deliver to your class at the click of a button.

Prepare your lessons ahead of time, then save them in your own ‘My Library’, for easy access later.

Upload and use your own VR photos & content


Whilst ClassVR gives you access to hundreds of great curriculum resources, creating, uploading and using your own content gives you maximum flexibility when teaching.

Find and upload your own VR content, including 360 degree photos and videos, and build them into your own custom ‘playlist’ lesson. If you want to create your own 360 photos and video, check out our ClassCam, a great 360 camera designed for the classroom, with a simple way to upload your content to ClassVR.

Classroom management

Now you've built your VR lesson, deliver it to every student simultaneously, and guide them through the experience, highlighting points of interest and promoting collaboration and peer discussion along the way. ClassVR helps you monitor what they are seeing, helping keep everyone on track.


ClassVR portal allows the teacher to deliver a defined playlist of resources to multiple headsets simultaneously.

A simple set of ‘play’ and ‘pause’ controls sends resources to headsets and starts experiences. Videos are all sequenced simultaneously, so every student will be seeing the video at the same point, allowing teachers to describe and comment as it plays.

Deliver subjects to many student VR headsets

Virtual Reality Headset Tracking


Students can be so immersed in a VR experience, it can be hard to get their attention. With ClassVR’s dynamic ‘Point of Interest’ (POI), teachers can guide students to look at a specific part of a VR experience, by simply clicking anywhere on the 360 image that is playing.

In the headsets, students will see a ‘breadcrumb’ trail, leading them towards the POI, and when the reach it they will see an icon, pointing out the item the teacher has highlighted.


Understanding where children are looking is almost impossible when they are wearing VR headsets.

ClassVR’s innovative head tracking feature allows teachers to have a view of exactly where each student is looking in their headset.

Tracking of students VR headsets within school

Real-time preview view of student vr headset video


Small icons, depicting each child’s headset ‘point of view’ (POV), are displayed on the portal, allowing teachers an instant glance to see if they are all focused in the right place.

These icons deliver real-time tracking of headset movement and orientation, providing valuable feedback to teachers.


When delivering a lesson, the headsets automatically lock into the selected activity from the playlist.

Button presses or gestures are disabled, ensuring the student remains in the current experience, under the teachers control.

Activity lock feature on school VR headsets

Independent learning

Whole class learning provides a great foundation for introductions to subjects and topics. However, self led learning allows students to explore at their own pace, making their own decisions and learning in their own way. ClassVR's pre-printed worksheets and VR/AR experiences allow students to continue their learning independently, with the knowledge that they are focused on resources you have defined.


Teachers can customize the icons and resources that are displayed in the headset’s ‘holodeck‘ interface.

Either deliver your custom lesson playlist, created in the ClassVR portal, or select and deliver curriculum aligned themes and topics, and allow students to explore a range of topic based resources at their own pace.

Custom classroom virtual reality resources

Student & Teacher worksheets for AR & VR activities


Combining traditional printed worksheets with exciting Virtual and Augmented reality content provides students with a more engaging way of learning, increasing their level of interest and knowledge retention.

ClassVR’s pre-printed lesson plans and worksheets can be used independently by students, or in peer groups, aiding self led learning and peer collaboration. Students can review worksheets, discuss topics, then interact with virtual and augmented reality. See our range of VR and AR curriculum lesson plans


Navigating around a VR headset can be difficult. That’s why ClassVR uses innovative hand and head based gestures to help students navigate and select activities in a more intuitive way.

The front facing camera can capture specific hand gestures, such as a ‘thumbs up’ sign, and uses this to select and launch a resource the student is looking at. It really is as easy as looking at what you want to launch, then making the gesture in front of the camera!

Head movements also control the device, rotating the resource icons so you can find one to launch, or rotating around in a 360 degree image. It’s as simple as tilting your head.

Control of VR activities through gestures

Safe, secure and ready for class

There is nothing worse than technology that isn’t working, charged or ready to use.

Both the ClassVR4 and 8 sets have portable, ruggedized storage and charging cases, making sure all your headsets are safe, secure and fully charged, ready for students to use at any time. The custom designed foam helps protect the headsets and holds them securely in place.

Secured charging

The ClassVR case has been designed to allow devices to be charged even when the case is closed and locked.

An integrated USB charging hub, along with active cooling fans, makes sure that your headsets can be safely locked away and charged at the same time, with no fear of overheating.

Portable for shared use

Maximising the investment in VR means making it available to as many students as possible. That’s why the ClassVR cases have been designed to be as portable as possible, allowing even students to easily and safely move the headsets from one classroom to another.

The Starter Set of 4 is lightweight and transportable for students of any age and the Set of 8 has an extendable handle and rugged wheels make moving the headsets simple, even for young children. With their strong ABS shell and soft internal foam padding, your headsets are safe from knocks, bumps and rough handling.

Students at Triway School, america pulling ClassVR Storage Boxes

VR and AR in education (VR-16pp-Brochure-v05r00-pr__1_.pdf, 3,220 Kb) [Download]

50 creative ways to use ClassVR (CVR-50-Ways-to-Use-ClassVR.pdf, 5,884 Kb) [Download]

WHITE PAPER: A Guide To AR & VR In Education (ClassVR-Whitepaper-A-Guide-To-AR-VR-In-Education.pdf, 697 Kb) [Download]

ClassVR: Setup and User Guide (classvr-user-guide-v08r04.pdf, 2,247 Kb) [Download]

ClassVR Datasheet: a world of new experiences (cvr-a4-datasheet-2018-v02r04.pdf, 1,445 Kb) [Download]

ClassVR Headset Interface: Introduction to the holodeck (ClassVR-Headset-Interface-Gesture-Controls.pdf, 562 Kb) [Download]

Top 10 ways to use ClassVR (vr-top-10-ways.pdf, 193 Kb) [Download]

Creating Content to use with ClassVR (Creating_Content_to_use_with_ClassVR.pdf, 2,712 Kb) [Download]

ClassVR Portal: Complete list of all available resources & experiences (class-resouces-pdf-download-v05r00__1___1_.pdf, 2,157 Kb) [Download]

Sample worksheet: the heart (1498229367wpdm_ClassVR-AR-Lesson-Plan-Science-The-Heart-Year6-v01r00-UK.pdf, 203 Kb) [Download]