National Grid Kit

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As this experiment is now featured in the Science curriculum as the 'AC power line at high voltage' we have developed a new, safe form of the experiment that can easily be set up within minutes and clearly shows students the relevant principles of the national grid high voltage transmission system. Manufactured in the UK.

  • SEM1000 includes: 2 x transmission/receiver boxes (clear lid to enable students to investigate wiring), 2 x lamp holders, 2 x 12V 21 watt lamps, 1 x set of "HT" leads with touch-proof connectors, 2 x self-assembly fold-away pylons (display purposes only), experiment instructions
  • An additional power supply is required to carry out this experiment capable of supplying 12V AC at 5A and 6 connection wires
  • SEM1080: self-assembly fold-away pylons ONLY